W R A W N2011††† :†† Draft schedule


Thursday 30 June

9:00 -9:40Pradipta Mitra: Distributed Wireless Scheduling in the SINR Model

9:40 - 10:20Tigran Tonoyan: On the Capacity of Oblivious Powers

Coffee break


10:50 - 11:30Sverrir ”lafsson: Convergence conditions for transmit power dynamics in distributed wireless systems

11:30 - 12:10Thomas Erlebach: Performance optimisation of small multi-hop wireless networks


†† Lunch


14:00 - 14:40Guy Even: Multi-Hop Routing and Scheduling in Wireless Networks in the SINR model

14:40 - 15:20Johannes Dams: Convergence Time of Power Control Dynamics

†† Coffee break


15:50 - 16:30Magnus Halldorsson: Wireless Connectivity Design

16:30 - 17:00Thomas Kesselheim: Scheduling Algorithms with Rayleigh-Fading Channels





Friday 1 July

9:00 -9:40Merav Parter: The Topology of Wireless Communication

9:40 - 10:10Allan Borodin: Combinatorial Auctions in Wireless Environments


†† Coffee break


10:40 - 12:00Impromptu presentations and discussion session


†† Lunch and excursion